DeSantis Investing $10M To Combat China’s Production


Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced a nearly $10 million investment in semiconductor production for the state of Florida to combat the United States’ reliance on China and other foreign countries for vital supplies, parts, and materials.

On Wednesday, DeSantis announced the investment whereby millions from the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund will go to Osceola County, Florida, and Valencia College to support semiconductor manufacturing.

DeSantis said the investment will support about 5,400 jobs in Florida, and Osceola County officials have suggested that tens of thousands of jobs will be supported by the investment once the infrastructure for the project is fully completed.

“Manufacturing is something that we need to do a better job of … semiconductors are a huge issue,” DeSantis said:

If you look at how the supply chain works, we are overly dependent on foreign nations, including Tawain which is a good ally of ours, but which is one that is under serious pressure from the Communist Party of China and so we have an opportunity to do more here in the United States and I think the more manufacturing of semiconductors here, the better off we’ll be. [Emphasis added]

The Chinese Communist Party steals America’s technology and is a threat to the semiconductor supply chain.

I am investing funds to increase microchip and semiconductor manufacturing in Florida so that the CCP cannot hold our supply chain hostage.

DeSantis said the Chinese coronavirus crisis exposed “just how reliant we are on foreign supply chains, particularly supply chains coming out of China ,which is not our friend.” Specifically, on semiconductors, the U. S. has seen a massiv… (Read more)

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