Deputy Beaten By Child Molester Will Be Taken Off Life Support


A Maricopa County sheriff’s deputy will not recover from the wounds he sustained when he was attacked by a convicted child molester he arrested on outstanding warrants on Saturday morning.

The incident began shortly before 11 a.m. on Oct. 9 after Maricopa County Deputy Juan “Johnny” Ruiz arrested 30-year-old Clinton Hurley, a convicted child molester, on multiple felony warrants, KTAR reported.

Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone said Deputy Ruiz took Hurley into the Maricopa County sheriff’s station in Avondale to process him, KTVK reported.

Sheriff Penzone said Deputy Ruiz removed Hurley’s handcuffs and was putting him into a jail cell when the prisoner turned on him and began fighting.

The sheriff said Deputy Ruiz tried to call for help several times on his radio as he was being beaten unconscious by Hurley, KTVK reported.

After violently attacking the deputy, Hurley stole the keys to Deputy Ruiz’s vehicle, crashed through the gate, and fled the area.

Sheriff Penzone said that a citizen who saw a sheriff’s department vehicle being driven by somebody who wasn’t a deputy called 911 and reported it, KTVK reported.

He said deputies who responded to the holding cell found Deputy Ruiz unconscious.

The sheriff said the deputies rushed Deputy Ruiz toward a hospital in a patrol vehicle and passed him to paramedics in an ambulance who met them halfway, KTVK reported.

A multijurisdictional manhunt for Hurley ensued and a $10,000 reward was offered for information leading to his capture.

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