Deported Haitians Reportedly Assaulted Pilots, Injured Three Ice Officers


Haitians deported to Haiti from the U. S. attacked pilots and injured three ICE officers, NBC News reported, citing a source acquainted with internal reports regarding the incident.

Unrest ensued after a plane transporting single adult males arrived and released the individuals to Haitian authorities on the tarmac, according to the outlet. The source said some of the men stormed a different aircraft that had been transporting families.

The men attacked the pilots of that aircraft while the families were still on the plane. Three ICE officers got attacked on that aircraft as well, with each sustaining non-life-threatening injuries, according to the source.

“On Tuesday, Sept. 21, some adult migrants caused two separate disruptions on the tarmac after deplaning in Port-au-Prince, Haiti,” a DHS spokesperson said in a statement, according to NBC News. “Haitian crowd control officers responded to both incidents and resolved the situations. ICE fully respects the rights of all people to peacefully express their opinions, while continuing to perform its immigration enforcement mission consistent with our priorities, federal law and agency policy.”

The Associated Press reported that dozens of people deported to Haiti from the U. S. attempted to get back onto an aircraft that… (Read more)

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