Denzel Washington Promotes The Importance Of Looking Beyond Race: ‘Diversity Shouldn’t Be Mentioned Like It’s Something Special’


In a recent interview for his film, The Tragedy of Macbeth, Oscar-winning star Denzel Washington spoke about how he feels the U. S. should already be considered a “post racial” society and why actors should reject the preoccupation of racial “diversity.”

The film, released on Apple TV+ in December, and in theaters this month, is the latest adaptation of the Shakespearean tragedy about a Scottish general who’s life spirals into despair as he commits a series of murders to protect his political position after being told by three witches that he will become the King of Scotland.

The Training Day star plays the lead in a story traditionally focused on a white protagonist, but Washington thinks the diverse casting decisions for the Joel Coen-directed film should not be a big deal. Washington added that he does not want fans to watch the film merely because it has a “diverse” cast.

“Obviously we are diverse, so I think that’s a great thing,” Washington told NBC BLK on Jan. 11.

But the Equalizer star went on to tamp down all the talk of diversity in Hollywood.

“You know, in my humble opinion, we ought to be at a place where diversity shouldn’t even be mentioned, like it’s something special. These young kids — Black, white, blue, green or whatever — are highly talented and qualified. So that’s why they’re there,” he said.

Washington’s philosophy of life often runs contrary to Hollywood’s reactionary left-wing. Just last month, for instance, he said he hoped his film, A Journal for Jordan, would “please God.”

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