Dems Quiver As Trump Gets Amazing News, New Data Show POTUS Is Now Up 10 Points Among Independents


Opinion| Polls are such a tricky thing.

If you remember back to 2015-16, the polls had Hillary Clinton way, way… way ahead of President Trump.  If you were looking at most polls Hillary looked to be a perverbial ‘lock’ to win the Presidency.

Boy, were they wrong, really, really wrong.

Donald Trump Wins Presidency: How Were Polls So Wrong?

So why should we put any confidence in polls this election cycle?

The polls that were wrong, have been accused of skewing the sampling percentages to favor historically democratic voters, and by doing so, ended up reporting numbers that did not reflect the actual state of the 2016 Presidential election.

The polling companies, who used registered voters, who said they were very confident that they would vote, spit out results that were really close and some, a precious few, even predicted President Trump would win.

So when CBS, one of the polling companies historically viewed as left learning by those of us on the right, releases a pre-GOP convention poll showing President Trump leading Obama’s former Vice President, Joe Biden, by 10 points, red lights have to be going off in the Biden headquarters.

This is huge as Presidents historically get a post-convention bump after sharing his vision for America during their party’s convention.

Via Gateway Pundit

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