Dems New Plot to Resist Trump: Steal the 2018 Election


The treasonous Democratic resistance to President Trump is in full swing.

This entire movement really demonstrates just how horribly divided America has become, and how one side has ceased to even pretend to be democratic, despite that being the name of their party.

Democrats don’t want President Trump to be able to get anything done while in the White House, despite the fact that America put him there.

So they’re working against America by breaking the law in order to STEAL the 2018 congressional election.

Fox News reports:

Twenty-one cities, several of them sanctuary cities, have pledged to make one million immigrants American citizens by the end of 2017.

The Naturalize Now initiative is aimed at preventing illegal immigrants from deportation under the Trump administration. President Trump is not against legal immigration, but has promised to crack down on illegal residency in the U.S., especially of criminals.

If this plot succeeds, it would create a massive new voting bloc in these cities and states that would make it all but impossible for Republicans to win elections.

Starting with the 2018 election, when Democrats hope to reclaim control over Congress.

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