Dems Must Abandon Biden Now Or ‘‘We Lose All Moral Authority’ If Accuser Not Taken Seriously


Just this past week, a video from the Larry King show had received an on the air phone call from Reade’s mother asking for advice on how to handle problems with a prominent US Senator.

The call was placed in 1993, the same year Reade says that Biden assaulted her in.

From The Daily Caller

Daou began by saying that “BIDEN SHOULD WITHDRAW,” noting that, while he respected the will of the American people, “Credible rape accusations are disqualifying or we have NO moral standards.”

Predicting “potential catastrophe in Nov.,” Daou went on to suggest that any number of candidates who had already bowed out of the race could come back to replace Biden — or that Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders could simply press play on his paused campaign.

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