Dems Exploit Florida School Shooting to Again Push Gun Control, But Then They Learn What Really Happened


Democrats and the liberal mainstream media have predictably exploited Wednesday’s horrific school shooting in Florida, where 17 people have tragically lost their lives.

As far as Democrats and liberals are concerned, it’s all the fault of Trump and Republicans.

According to their nonsensical logic, restrictive gun control laws would make such shootings a thing of the past, as if criminals obey laws.

But this time around, they didn’t even wait for the full details of the shooting incident to start mouthing off.

One critical detail they missed is the fact that the FBI was warned about this potential shooter nearly 6 months ago. And did nothing.

The shooter, who’s been arrested, is Nikolas Cruz. Last fall he left a comment on a YouTube video reading: “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.”

Doesn’t get any more clear than that.

The maker of the video immediately informed the FBI, who questioned the man, took a screenshot of the comment, and then proceeded to apparently do nothing about it.

Guess they were too busy scheming to bring down Trump to prevent actual crimes.

Oh, and about those gun laws, Sen. Marco Rubio is urging everyone, especially his Democratic colleagues, to take a chill pill and wait until we know what actually happened.

As Rubio correctly noted, we don’t know if there’s a law that could have been passed that would have prevented this tragedy.

Rubio said that it’s not the right time to have a gun control debate “only because people don’t — they don’t know how this happened, I mean, who this person is, what motivated them, how did they get ahold of the weapon that they used for this attack. I think it’s important to know all of that before you jump to conclusions that there’s some law that we could have passed that could have prevented it.”

H/T Breitbart

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