Dems Beg Mueller Not to Release Russia Findings Before 2018 Election


For months, Democrats have been clamoring for special counsel Robert Mueller to release his findings and indict President Trump already!

Well, they aren’t so anxious now that Mueller initial report indicates Trump did absolutely nothing wrong.

They are, however, showing signs of fear that the full details of Mueller’s findings will further implicate Democrats themselves in a nefarious scheme to take down a duly-elected president.

On Sunday, Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) warned Mueller not to publish his findings until after the upcoming 2018 mid-term election:

“I don’t think we’ll know anywhere near the full story until [Mueller] issues his report. I don’t know if that report will be this spring or this summer. But once you get into the summer, and you get close to the election, I think it’s a mistake for him to release it late. I think you should wait until after [the election].”

Now, why would that be a problem?

Seems the only reason could be that Mueller found out some pretty terrible things about the Democrats, and they’re afraid of losing even more seats in Congress.

Via Breitbart

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