Democrats Want You to Forget About the Southern Manifesto. Here’s What It Says…


With Trump about the close the border, Democrats are eager to again paint Republicans as shameful racists.

This smear campaign has become ever more aggressive with the Democrats’ radical freshman representatives now leading the charge.

In recent media appearances, some Democrats have even suggested that alleged Republican racism goes back decades, while their own party has long championed the rights of minorities.

Unfortunately for these Democratic talking-heads and their lackeys in the mainstream media, the Internet now affords us the opportunity to very quickly and very easily fact-check their claims.

And what do we find?

Well, not only did Republicans overwhelmingly vote in favor of all the major civil rights bills, it was the Democrats that largely opposed equal rights for black Americans.

In fact, a large group of DEMOCRATS went so far as to publish what’s known as the Southern Manifesto.

The document slams the Supreme Court for deciding that all American schools must be desegregated.

You see, Democrats from the southern states didn’t like their children going to school with black children.

Yes, their racism ran that deep.

And they have the audacity to call Trump and the Republicans bigots?

Today’s Democrats are the very personification of hypocrisy.

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