Democrats Want To HARM Trump’s Inauguration! Check Their NAUSEATING PLAN!


Democrats just wont quit!

They just cannot accept that America has chosen Trump to Make America Great Again!

First many “celebrities” refused to perform at Trump’s Inauguration, to which Trump said that he only cares that “real people” will show up.

Second, Democrats are planning an anti-Trump event DURING his inauguration and are bringing all the Pro-Hillary Celebs to back them up!!

Politico Playbook is reporting that Mark Ross, the son of the late Time Warner CEO Steve Ross, is putting together a ‘We the People’ concert, which will take place on January 20, 2017.

Currently, Ross is working on getting funding for the large-scale show, a source told Politico. 



To which Trump is just laughing:


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Let them have their pity concert, we will celebrate our new President!

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