Democrats Unveil New Party Slogan, and the Internet Immediately Notices a HUGE Problem


The Democratic Party seems to think it’s policies and message are spot-on, and that all they need to win the next election is better branding, staring with a new slogan.

So, after what they say was months of research, the Dems have unveiled that killer new slogan, and it’s so bad that even former Obama staffers are puking.

The reveal came from Jeff Stein of Vox, a social media news outlet with ties to the Democratic party.

That’s a screenshot, because Stein had to quickly remove his original tweet after literally the entire Internet noticed one gigantic problem with the new Democratic slogan.

It was a direct rip-off of the long-time slogan of Papa John’s Pizza — “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, Papa John’s”

So, Stein came back with a “correction”:

Nope, sorry Dems. That’s still Papa John’s.

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And it took them months to come up with THAT?!

At least, that’s how Stein painted it:

No wonder they can’t win an election.

So embarrassing was the debacle that even a couple of former Obama staffers started dumping on the Democratic Party.

Trump’s got nothing to worry about from these clowns.

H/T Twitchy

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