Michigan Elector Says Democrats Trying to Intimidate Him, Steal Election


Democrats just can not accept that Donald Trump won the election and will be America’s next president.

You can be sure that right up until inauguration day on January 20, they will be doing everything possible to keep him out of the Oval Office.

At the moment, distraught Democrats are trying to coerce, guilt-trip and otherwise intimidate the members of the Electoral College.

Because Hillary Clinton won more overall popular votes, Democrats say she should be the next president.

But Michigan elector Jim Rhoads reminded them that’s now how our electoral system works.

Rhoads told Neil Cavuot on Fox News that he is duty-bound to represent the voters of his state, and they chose Trump.

“I’m not going to change my vote,” he insisted.

But that hasn’t stopped Democrats from trying. Rhoads said that he, and many other electors, have received a flood of requests and demands from angry liberals.

“I’m not intimidated by any of this stuff,” he said. “I’m a grassroots political animal.”

Trump Fan

In fact, he’s happy Trump won.

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“I’ve always been conservative,” Rhoads stated. “I’m a constitutionalist. And I love what Trump says. And he’s got me fired up looking for great things and looking to make America great again.”

H/T Western Journalism

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