Democrats To Push New Voting Proposal Called: ‘Vote By Mail’ For Presidential Election


Dem. Sens. Ron Wyden and Amy Klobuchar have introduced a national “Vote By Mail” bill that could result in all Americans, theoretically, voting in the mail in November.

If the bill does not survive a potential Trump veto, Democrats are sure to continue agitating at the state level to get Vote By Mail laws before November. Oregon is currently an exclusively Vote By Mail state.

While some Democrats and their supporters are calling this an “emergency” effort, the push dates back years, with Sen. Wyden proposing a national Vote By Mail bill back in 2010.

Former Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer said Democrats should exercise their negotiating power and “make it a condition for an economic rescue package,” in effect holding the economy hostage to get a partisan mechanism to make vote-counting more complicated in November.

President Donald Trump is promising a massive package to stimulate the economy, but of course Democrats are looking to get their hooks into it to undermine Trump.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) commissioner Ellen Weintraub is explicitly tying the push to the hashtag #VirusFreeVoting. Democrats and their allied commentariat are laying it on thick.

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