Democrats Realize No One Likes Them, But Can’t Figure Out WHY


Everywhere you look these days, Democrats are losing.

The defeat of John Ossoff in Georgia’s special election on Tuesday highlighted that average Americans no longer trust the party to lead this nation.

Of course, if you watch only the mainstream media, you’ll get the impression that it’s conservatives and the Republican Party that are on the defensive.

But in reality, it’s the opposite that is true.

The Democratic Party is sinking, fast.

“Our brand is worse than Trump,” Representative Tim Ryan, a Democratic congressman from Ohio, told The New York Times.

Heatstreet added:

Whether it’s cultural arrogance, uninspirational policies or lousy candidates, Americans have been choosing Republicans to represent their districts over Democrats—despite the fact that members of the GOP are routinely mocked and laughed at in the mainstream media and on late-night television programs.

Of course, no one better personifies all the qualities Americans hate about Democrats than one of the party’s own leaders: House Minority Leader and Wicked Witch of the West Coast Nancy Pelosi.  Turns out, all Republicans had to do in Georgia was tell voters that, “Yeah sure, Trump can be a clown sometimes, but do you really want to let her run things again,” to enjoy a comfortable win.

Some of the rats have begun fleeing the sinking ship, and are looking to basically purge the Democratic Party.

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