“Democrats Need the Votes of Israel-Haters”


Support for Israel used to be a bipartisan issue.

But a survey of Pew polls going back several decades reveal a constantly-widening rift between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to backing the Jewish state against its enemies.

Today, 79 percent of Republicans side with Israel, while only 27 percent of Democrats do. Forty years ago, 50 percent of Republicans said the same, while nearly 40 percent of Democrats agreed with them.

Columnist H.A. Goodman wrote that these numbers hint at why the Democratic leadership these days seems much less friendly toward Israel:

Democrats need the votes of people who hate Israel; sad but true. In doing so, politicians such as Nancy Pelosi within the Democratic establishment look the other way when certain viewpoints correlate to antisemitism.

The Democratic Party caters to these sentiments because liberal voters are far more critical of Israel than conservatives. This criticism almost always morphs into hyperbole and vitriol, blaming Israel for human rights violations while overtly ignoring the crimes of Hamas. Even the latest Women’s March faced accusations of antisemitism, proving such views could be present within all elements of liberal politics.

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