Democrats, Liberal Media Pivot From Unpopular Biden Ahead Of Midterms As ‘Reality’ Sets In


Prominent Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media are moving away from President Biden as the once-prominent narrative that he’s right for the job has increasingly faded.

Biden was beloved by the liberal media throughout his campaign and largely through the first year of his presidency. Corporate news organizations downplayed his gaffes, ignored his scandals and fawned over anything positive he was able to accomplish. But lately, as Biden’s approval rating shrinks and Democrats panic about the looming midterm election, liberals have started to turn on the unpopular president.

DePauw University journalism professor Jeffrey McCall has taken notice and feels liberal pundits and reporters have to “move on from Biden” for practical purposes, not because they think he is wrong on policy or management matters.

“The establishment media ran for a long time with the narrative that Biden was the stable and seasoned president the nation needed.  That narrative broke down long ago in the minds of many Americans, including left-of-center people who voted for Biden,” McCall told Fox News Digital.

“The nation’s economic and international problems have been looming for some time and American citizens have known that.  The media was late to the party and is just now figuring out that the narrative they’ve been pushing looks pretty hollow to regular Americans who perceive the frail President is not up to the challenges the nation faces,” McCall continued. “The liberal media is now having to face the reality of a struggling Biden presidency, not because they think he is ineffective on policy matters, but only because they fear potential bad results in the midterm elections.”

NBC News’ Chuck Todd led a panel on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” that focused on economic woes turning off younger Biden voters after a CNBC poll showed that only 35% approve of the economy.

“It’s not great,” PBS’ Amna Nawaz said. “You’re talking about one of the key groups that not only help Democrats win back control of Congress, propel Biden into the White House, but are also going to be in play in larger numbers than ever before in the upcoming midterms and the economy if front and center.”

Todd then showed Democrats polling poorly in Nevada and admitted it’s an issue for the party at large.

“This is a problem and Nevada may be the most acute,” Todd said.

Washington Post columnist Perry Bacon Jr. wrote a Tuesday piece, “Bidenism is failing. The question is how badly,” which put a harsh spotlight on a dismal approval rating of 42 percent that was recently determined by FiveThirtyEight’s polling average.

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“When presidents become more unpopular, the media covers them more negatively, and other politicians, particularly politicians from their own party, feel freer to criticize them — which tends to make them even more unpopular. Presidential unpopularity creates a self-reinforcing cycle,” Bacon wrote. “But while it’s clear Bidenism is failing, it’s not clear exactly why.”

Bacon then explained that just about every type of Democrat has a specific issue with Biden.

“More centrist Democrats argue that the president, particularly early in his term, swung too far to the left. More liberal Democrats argue that Biden is not progressive enough. Others cite the Democratic infighting this past year over Biden’s agenda, the traditional backlash against first-term presidents, COVID and, most often, inflation,” he wrote.

Bacon isn’t the only columnist from a prominent liberal newspaper to point out Biden’s struggles in a scathing piece.

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New York Times columnist Charles Blow penned a Monday column headlined, “A Biden Blood Bath?” Blow noted that he was “shocked” by a recent Quinnipiac University indicating Biden’s approval rating had sunk to just 33 percent.

“You might argue that this was just one poll, but Biden’s approval is down in multiple surveys,” Blow pointed out. “As CNN’s Harry Enten pointed out Friday, there were four major national polls released last week, and in three of them — including Quinnipiac — Biden had the lowest showing of his presidency. In the fourth, he was ‘one point off the lowest.’”

Indeed, as Blow informed Washington Post readers, CNN’s polling guru also sounded the alarm on Biden’s troubling poll numbers.

“When you have three or four pollsters showing the lowest numbers for the President of the United States, that is indicative of a president who is in a lot of trouble, at least to where he is standing historically,” Enten said last week. “This is a really, really, really bad number.”

Blow went on to break down why he feels many Americans have turned on Biden, declaring that poor messaging is an issue but “the messenge… (Read more)

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