Democrats Just Admitted It. It’s Hillary!


We knew it all along.

Speculation has been rife since her last defeat that Hillary Clinton will make a third run for the White House.

And a growing number of Democrats are now admitting that it’s gotta be her.

They argue that there simply isn’t another big ticket Democrat that has even the slightest chance of beating President Trump in 2020.

Take, for instance, Laura Washington writing for the Chicago Sun Times:

She beat Donald J. Trump last time.

At least, by the popular vote.

Can she do it again this time, for real?

Hillary Clinton may be gearing up for a third run for president of the United States. Even as a two-time loser, she could be the Democratic Party’s best chance of ending the Trump presidency.

Now, for conservatives, this is kind of mixed bag.

On the one hand, no one wants to go through another year of Hillary Clinton campaigning to the country. At this point, we’ve heard it all, twice, and no one is buying her crap.

On the other hand, watching Trump AGAIN defeat and humiliate Hillary would be pretty sweet.

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