Democrats Invite Muslim Cleric to Speak, and He Proceeds to Trash Jesus


It’s become a common tactic of Muslim leaders to appropriate Jesus and the Bible for their own agenda.

And that’s precisely what Abdullah Jaber did when asked to address a recent gathering of the Democratic National Committee.

Jaber, an imam from Georgia, felt the need to school any Christians in the room on what their own Bible teaches. In particular, how the Word of God somehow instructs them to join the Black Lives Matter movement.

Along the way, Jaber not only labeled Jesus as a “Palestinian,” but claimed he was also a “refugee,” just alike all those poor Muslims trying to enter our country.

Jesus, a Jew, was of course not a refugee in his home country of Israel (though it was under occupation). And misrepresenting him like that for one’s own social agenda is an insult to all those who call him Lord and Savior.

What’s really sad is that Democrats, many of whom still claim to be Christians, said and did nothing about this misrepresentation.

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