Democrats Hypocrisy On The Coronavirus Just Got Blown Sky High


OPINION. Trump emphatically emphasized the need to bring critical manufacturing processes back to the United States, a situation that critics (well paid shills for multinational investors) from both sides of the aisle were responsible for.  Not surprisingly they attacked him for it.  

By those critics dragging their feet to prevent President Trump from returning critical supply chain elements to the U.S., we are now facing critical shortages of products from China they had made us dependent on. 

When Trump stressed the need to control our borders those same critics again pointed to this as an example of Trump’s xenophobia.

And, all the while their assassins in the mainstream Marxist media were relentless in disparaging everything this president did.

They knowingly ran lies about Russian collusion that they still won’t let go of.  And, they tried impeaching President Trump with bogus charges that he “Bidened” Ukraine’s new president.

Trump ignored his critics and never wavered from his promise to control our borders and to return critical manufacturing sectors to the U.S.  Promises made, promises kept.

Not to be deterred, on January 31st, President Trump announced travel restrictions for travelers coming from China in order to increase detection and containment of the Wuhan virus…

It’s what President Trump’s critics aren’t saying that gives us the measure of their credibility… they’re offering nothing in the way of helpful ideas.

“If You’re Gonna Bitch Then Ya Better Bring a Pitch.”

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