Democrats Eviscerated for Mollie Tibbetts’ Murder by Normal Guy Telling It Like It Is


When news broke that an illegal alien confessed to killing 20-year-old Mollie Tibbets, several mainstream media outlets downplayed the fact that he wasn’t even supposed to be in the U.S. in the first place, much less in a rural Iowa county.

The New York Times, CNN, and ABC News buried that information further down in their initial stories, Breitbart documented.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) even suggested that Tibbets being murdered by an illegal immigrant is not one of the “real problems” with immigration in America — family separation at the border is.

Now plain-spoken, every-day commentator Terrence K. Williams is eviscerating Democrats on the whole issue by just telling it how it is.

Take a look:

“One of your precious Dreamer boys murdered a young, innocent American girl and left her body in a cornfield. He left somebody’s daughter in a cornfield!” he continued with rising emotion.

“The mainstream media don’t care. This is not even trending on Twitter,” he said. “It’s not even a Twitter Moment.”

“Somebody’s daughter was murdered by an illegal immigrant, and there is no outrage. She was separated from her family by an illegal immigrant, and her dead body was dropped off in a cornfield. C’mon, y’all! How do you drop somebody’s daughter off in a cornfield?” he questioned. “Like they’re nothing.”

“And y’all don’t want Trump to build a wall?” he asked incredulously. “Y’all don’t want ICE to exist?”

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