Democrats Distance From Joe Biden After Afghanistan Disaster


With Biden’s poll numbers sharply declining, Democrats holding onto vulnerable seats in 2022 now have to decide if they will risk being ousted by standing behind their president or risk empowering Republicans by opposing him. For the time being, they appear to have opted for the latter. According to Axios, “Democrats in swing states and districts are publicly distancing themselves” from President Biden and are now “huddling with campaign consultants over how to handle the setback in Afghanistan.”

In the House, Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA) said in a statement that while she supports the withdrawal from Afghanistan, she admitted the evacuation was “egregiously mishandled” and called for “answers and accountability”:

It is clear to me that it was long past time to end the U. S. military presence in Afghanistan, and that we could not continue to put American servicemembers in danger for an unwinnable war. At the same time, it appears that the evacuation process has been egregiously mishandled.

“In order to move forward, our country will need to receive answers and accountability regarding the cascading failures that led us to this catastrophic moment, and I look forward to using my platform on the House Foreign Affairs Committee to secure answers from the Biden Administration about what went wrong. Our troops deserve nothing less than a complete and unvarnished account of the truth.

In the days and weeks ahead, I will continue working to ensure that we leave no one—American servicemember, American civilian, or Afghan ally—behind. That is the indefatigable spirit that drives our troops… (Read more)

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