Democrats Caught In The Most Corrupt Scandal In History & All Roads Lead Back To Obama


While the mainstream media (MSM) focuses on the fake news Trump-Russia collusion farce, the US is engulfed in the most corrupt event in its history and all roads lead back to former President Obama.

As a matter of fact, the fake Trump investigation is just a major distraction from the real thing.

Just this past week former UN Ambassador John Bolten stated that this is the “First Attempted Coup D’état in US History” –

Bolton is right.  This is the biggest challenge to the survival of the country since the Civil War. 

Democrats in the 1860’s would rather break up the Union than accept the election of the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln. 

Today’s Democrats would rather remove another Republican President, Donald Trump, from office than accept the results of the 2016 election. 

The Obama Administration did all it could to destroy this great nation and hand it over to the world of global elites.  President Trump and the Americans that voted for him want to save America and the world by standing for freedom, life, human rights and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans.  The US is at a crossing point.

Then during the 2016 election the Obama Administration took a fake dossier to the FISA court and used it as a means to spy on their political opponent during the election.  We now know that the dossier was as fake as a National Enquirer article created by a company known to create nasty, made up accusations against individuals for a significant payout.  This dossier was then taken by the FBI to the FISA Court to obtain approval to spy on candidate and now President Trump.

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Representative Jim Jordan has many questions that the deep state refuse to answer related to the fake dossier and its use with the FISA Court –

We know that every request to the FISA Court during Obama’s last four years to spy on Americans was signed by former Attorney General Lynch.  We also know that Obama’s dishonest spy Chief James Clapper said he knew of every FISA request that was requested and also that no FISA warrants could have been issued without President Obama knowing.  We also know that  only 1 in 10,000 FISA requests were turned down by the court and this was the first request made by the Obama Administration to spy on Trump.  Obama then apparently used the fake dossier to obtain the warrant on Trump.  We also know that the entire FISA court was Obama appointees in May of 2016, about the time the court the approved Obama’s request to spy on Trump.

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