Democrats Are Trying To Pass Migrant Parole Expansions Through The Reconciliation Bill


Democrats added a provision to the reconciliation bill that would expand humanitarian parole to cover illegal immigrants already living in the U. S., according to the legislation.

Congressional Democrats previously tried to pass amnesty through the Build Back Better Act and by amending the registry date in the Immigration and Nationality Act so illegal immigrants can apply for green cards, according to the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). Expanding parole under the reconciliation package is the Democrats’ third attempt at passing an amnesty provision for millions of illegal immigrants living in the U. S.

“Parole is normally a status given to aliens seeking entry into the United States,” CIS Resident Fellow in Law and Policy Andrew Arthur told the DCNF on Friday. “This parole, however, is for aliens who are currently in the United States.”

The parliamentarian blocked other efforts to pass a wider amnesty package in the Build Back Better Act that ultimately failed in the Senate, according to CIS. The latest attempt would extend “a temporary status, parole, to an unspecified number of illegals.”

“While the ‘Plan C’ provision in the Build Back Better Act does not include a pathway to citizenship for those eligible, it is still the largest amnesty in American history, providing protection from deportation and work authorization for around seven million illegal aliens,” Federation for American Immigration Reform Governme… (Read more)

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