Democrats Accuse Trump of Slandering the Media, But Look What This State Rep Did to Conservative Reporters


Democrats are determined to have their cake and eat it, too.

On the one hand, they insist that President Trump is slandering the media to a dangerous degree. On the other, they themselves are taking measures against conservative journalists that suggest Democrats don’t really understand the concept of a free press.

Take, for instance, Florida state Senator Daphne Campbell, who as part of her reelection campaign has taken to siccing the police on any reporters who dare to ask her uncomfortable questions.

The reporter in question was Sarah Blaskey, who Campbell accused of “threatening behavior.”

Blaskey responded via Twitter:

“Update: @daphnecampbell called the police on me for “threatening behavior” at this event. Last time I checked, asking questions at a public forum was allowed. Don’t worry guys, cops didn’t think the complaint was credible.”

This was a public event, a debate between Campbell and her challenger, and no one else in the room seemed to think that Blaskey asking pointed questions constituted a “threat.”

Democrats like Campbell have become so accustomed to the media blindly going along with their narrative, that to be questioned by a reporter is now perceived as an attack on their persons.

And they accuse Trump of abusing the media?

Via Daily Caller

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