Democrat Politician Does Something UNBELIEVABLE to Oppose Trump’s Immigration Policies


Right under President Trump’s nose in Washington, DC, Democrat politicians are helping illegal immigrants evade deportation.

It’s estimated that DC has an illegal immigrant population numbering as high as 25,000 people.

To prevent Trump from giving them the boot, DC City Council Member Brianne Nadeau invited illegals to a meeting at the Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School auditorium to instruct them on how to avoid being arrested by ICE agents.

The hall was reportedly filled with illegals and translators.

Experts were called in to teach the illegals things like not letting ICE agents into their homes unless a warrant has been presented, and not answering questions about their immigration status when stopped on the street.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser was also there, and insisted that her city would remain a “sanctuary city” even though that might cost it $1 billion in federal funding.

First of all, ICE should have raided that meeting. Could have caught a lot of illegals in one go.

Second, what the hell is wrong with Democrats? America is not saying NO to immigration. It’s just saying NO to ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

Immigrants are welcome in America, provided they follow the legal procedure of entering our country.

H/T Constitution

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