Democrat Leaders Get TERRIBLE News. America Has Spoken!


Democrats hold out hope that President Trump’s policies will be so outlandish as to turn a firm majority of Americans against him.

While they may not be able to actually impeach him, only by securing a strong overwhelming majority can Democrats prevent Trump from winning a second term.

But recent polls show that things are not going the Democrats’ way.

By trying to paint Trump’s limited travel restrictions on citizens from a handful of crumbling states as a blanket ban on Muslim immigration, Democrats looked to create outrage among most Americans.

The scheme backfired. Big time.

Initially polls showed that a slim majority of Americans were uncomfortable with Trump’s executive order regarding immigration from Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and Somalia.

But now that folks have had a chance to become familiar with the particulars of the policy, a new poll by Morning Consult reveals a far different attitude.

A strong 60 percent majority of registered voters now approves of Trump’s so-called “Muslim travel ban,” while a mere 28 oppose it.

Even among Democrats, a full 41 percent of registered voters now back the move, while just 46 percent are again it. Even the Democrats can’t get a simple majority to oppose Trump!

I think we can safely assume Trump is already en route to a second term in the White House.

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