Democrat Congresswoman Calls Antifa ‘Peaceful Protestors’


This is how you know the Democratic Party is living in LaLa Land. 

A Democrat congresswoman is defending ANTIFA, calling them “peaceful protestors.” The same group that attacked journalist Andy Ngo and innocent civilians. 

ANTIFA on Saturday was caught on video throwing a hammer at their political opponents. 


From The Washington Examiner:

Democratic Rep. Debra Haaland of New Mexico referred to antifa as a group of “peaceful protesters” who are simply trying to “safeguard their city” during a Saturday evening interview on CNN.

Haaland’s comments came the same day that antifa and far-right protesters clashed in Portland, Oregon. The fighting led to 13 arrests in what was just the most recent incidents of violence between the two groups. Earlier on Saturday, President Trump tweeted that he is giving “major consideration” to designating antifa as an “organization of terror.”

Cabrera began by reading Trump’s tweet, and then asked, “I do want to note, the U.S. does not have a domestic terrorism law. No government agency designates domestic groups as being domestic terrorism organizations. What’s your reaction to that tweet?”

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