Democrat 2020 Candidate Promises To Remove Andrew Jackson’s Portrait From Oval Office


Why are Dems always living in the past and villainies our American heroes? 

Marianne Williamson said she will remove Andrew Jackson’s portrait in the Oval Office, citing “redemption” for native people. 

From Politico:

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson on Monday told a Native American forum that she will remove the portrait of former President Andrew Jackson that currently hangs in the Oval Office if she is elected to the White House.

“I want people of the United States to come to understand that what occurred on this planet was one of the great evils of history, but that I believe in redemption for nations as well for individuals,” Williamson said, referring to the federal government’s historic mistreatment of America’s original inhabitants.

“We can atone. We can make amends. And if and when I’m president of the United States, we will,” she continued. “We will begin by taking that picture of Andrew Jackson off the wall of the Oval Office, I assure you.”

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