Dem Senator Cares More About Trump-Russia Fake News Than One of His Own Voters Getting RAPED by Illegal Immigrant


Does anyone honestly still believe that the Democratic Party actually cares about average Americans?

All they care about is their agenda, which ultimately is more about staying in power than it is about helping people.

Democratic Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden demonstrated that when he held a press conference, but then refused to address the questions that Americans really wanted answered.

The Daily Caller reports that Wyden “blew off wanting to talk about an elderly constituent in his state who was raped by an illegal immigrant that was previously deported 20 times.

“Wyden refused to answer The Daily Caller’s questions about the illegal immigrant accused of raping a 65-year-old woman at her Portland home and assaulting another female in the area. Portland is a sanctuary city.”

Listen to the disturbing exchange:

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