Dem Candidate Says She Loves Watching Video of Cop Being Assaulted, Watches on Repeat, Laughing Non-Stop, Claims Tweet Taken ‘Out Of Context’


Hadiya Afzal who has been endorsed by none other than Hillary Clinton, says that she watched a video of an assault on a federal officer and that she couldn’t stop laughing.

Afzal ran for the office before and lost.

Here is the video she retweeted:

Afzal wrote:

“The comment, taken out of context, is extremely disappointing. I do not condone violence in any form, and indeed have been one of many voices calling for policy changes to our policing problems today. The specific related video showed a federal officer throwing a water bottle at unarmed protesters, unprovoked, and having it returned seconds later. I regret the comment and apologize to any individuals hurt by the remark. I do believe, however, we must continue to push back against extrajudicial encroachment in municipal matters by the federal government…’

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