Debbie Thought She Destroyed It—Look What The FBI Just Found!


It seems like the democrats have bad luck when it comes to technology.

More likely, though, they have bad luck with staff. The people they choose to work with and employ tend to stab them in the back.

Such was the case with several IT staffers, who have been accused of serious wrongdoing.

Now it looks like the FBI has vital evidence to convict Them.

From Daily Wire:

The FBI has seized smashed hard drives from Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s (D-FL) IT administrator, reported The Daily Caller on Sunday.

Wasserman-Schultz’s IT administrator is Imran Awan, a Muslim Pakistani national. Awan and two of his brothers, Abid and Jamal, have managed IT services for several Democrat representatives including members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Awan and three of his relatives are under criminal investigation for “serious violation on the House IT network”; they had access to the emails of more than two dozen House Democrats via their IT roles…

The Awan family is also being investigated for fraud, allegedly placing “ghost employees” on a congressional payroll. They have been paid over $4 million in salary between 2009 and 2017.

Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY), who employed Awan with his congressional staff budget, suggested the Awan family may be falsely targeted by Capitol Police because of they are Muslims. “I wanted to be sure individuals are not being singled out because of their nationalities or their religion,” he said.

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Awan and his family left their home in a hurry, leaving behind a plethora of computer equipment. The new tenants—a Marine Corp veteran and his Navy wife—handed the equipment over to the authorities.

Now it looks like the FBI have vital computer equipment they can scan, in order to discover what this family was up to. Even smashed, data can be extracted from hard drives.

It’s clear they were defrauding the DNC, selling information to outside individuals, and conning the party out of lots of cash.

Makes me wonder how Wasserman-Schultz and her staff didn’t notice this sooner. Not everyone is tech-savvy, but when your IT staff are stealing computers and information, and setting up payroll staff that don’t exist, more than a few red flags would be evident.

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Are the democrats that incompetent not to notice? Or was this just a huge scheme, led by those at the top?

Maybe we’ll find out soon enough.

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