Ted Cruz OBLITERATES Deadspin in HILARIOUS Twitter Feud


Liberal online sports rag Deadspin was determined to mock Senator Ted Cruz. But the scheme backfired, big time.

Even Cruz’s detractors say he got the better of Deadspin in their EPIC Twitter feud.

It started when Deadspin put out a call for photos of Cruz playing basketball.

That came after Cruz reportedly pushed for pickup basketball games as a way for members of Congress to improve bi-partisan personal relationships.

Sounds like a reasonable and very worthy effort. But leave it to liberals to try to torpedo anything good that conservatives do.

Anyway, Cruz surprised everyone by being the first to respond, asking, “What do I win?” The question was posted, hilariously, alongside a photo of Duke basketball star Grayson Allen, who bears a spooky resemblance to the senator.

The best Deadspin could muster in the face of Cruz’s spectacular comeback was: “Go eat shit.”

Oh, but Cruz wasn’t finished!

His next comeback used the popular Internet meme “Boy, that escalated quickly”, a quote from the cult hit movie Anchorman.

Cruz was absolutely on fire, and even Deadspin’s regular followers recognized it.

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