David Duke Just Endorsed a 2020 Candidate, Media Silent


KKK Grand Dragon and leader David Duke has just endorsed a candidate for president in 2020, and unlike when he endorsed Donald Trump, this time the media is silent.

Maybe that’s because he’s backing Tulsi Gabbard, who is a Democrat.

Does this automatically mean that Tulsi Gabbard and all of her voters are KKK supporters and white nationalists as the media claimed about President Trump during the 2016 campaign?

Get ready for the media to claim his endorsement means nothing, and in no way tarnishes Gabbard’s reputation.

Seems David Duke has endorsed Tulsi Gabbard before and she declined the endorsement rather forcefully:

Lets see how long it takes the mainstream media to jump all over this endorsement to try and destroy Gabbard.

My guess is it will be a long time. You can absolutely count on the mainstream media largely staying silent, or trying to explain away, anything that might potentially hurt a Democrat.

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