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Daughter Of Pepe Le Pew Creator Says The Cartoon Was Not Intended To Contribute Rape Culture


Pepe Le Pew was never meant to be interpreted as rape-y, but the times have caught up with him to make it seem that way … so says the daughter of the guy who first drew him.

Linda Jones — whose father, Chuck Jones, is credited as the creator and original animator of Pepe and other Looney Tunes — tells TMZ she strongly disagrees with the notion the suave skunk contributed to rape culture, as suggested in an NYT op-ed.

On the contrary, Linda says she doesn’t think anyone who ever watched Pepe was inspired to go out and rape, or even harass, people. She gets pretty literal, saying Pepe never raped another character on the show — which, okay … that’s a given.

Still, LJ just doesn’t think Pepe should be canceled or shelved over this — because the OG running gag with him was never meant to be predatory … she says it was more about how much he stunk as a suitor, despite thinking he was desirable.

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