Dan Crenshaw Goes After the CDC, Americans Shouldn’t Comply with Any More Mandates From That Agency


Rep. Dan Crenshaw goes after the CDC and tells Americans to ignore any more mandates or lockdown orders coming from the agency.

BRUCE: This is a third world totalitarian sort of approach that — we have all seen it all. We have seen everything there is to see. This is shocking. It is — if they really don’t have anything to show us, why have they said that they are going to show us the data and what do you imagine that they would be showing us tomorrow? Maybe, I don’t know, the peanut Charles Schultz peanuts comic strip. What are they going to be showing people?

CRENSHAW: Defies common sense. They are not going to show us anything. Look, the vaccines are actually effective. I actually believe the FDA’s data on this. Not only are they effective but the FDA still stands by their assertion and their assessment of the data that says that these vaccines here in the United States are effective against transmission including the delta variant.

BRUCE: Exactly.

CRENSHAW: So the CDC is in direct confrontation with the FDA. I believe the FDA on this one. I think they tend to be more risk averse so they tend to get the science a little bit more right more often. And I think the CDC has been politicized in this case I think from pressure from the administration. Again, because I think the Democrats love to instill fear in the hearts of Americans. And I think Americans are really sick of this. They are over it they are not going to comply and you shouldn’t comply with any more lockdowns of any more mandates, none of it. Here in the house they are trying to fine us and jail us if we are not wearing a mask. These people are crazy.


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