Damning Michelle Obama Photos Leak – She’s Just Been Exposed


Melania Trump rushed to Texas on Tuesday to help with the relief efforts from Hurricane Harvey. Now, Michelle Obama has found herself humiliated when an image leaked that exposes the very different way she handled Hurricane Sandy.

Back in 2012, Michelle asked for money for her husband’s re-election campaign as Hurricane Sandy was wrecking havoc on the East Coast. Michelle reportedly sent out an email on October 29 requesting campaign donations from supporters in North Carolina and Virginia.

President Obama also cancelled campaign events and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said on Air Force one that this ‘wasn’t a time for politics’ and that people should focus on responding to the storm,” Katie Pavlich wrote for Townhall

“But, Hurricane Sandy wasn’t going to stop First Lady Michelle Obama from playing politics yesterday. She sent the following email to supporters in North Carolina and Virginia.”

This shows how different a First Lady Melania is than her predecessor. When her country needed her most, Michelle was only worried about herself. Meanwhile, Melania is putting the American people first and has just shown that she will drop everything to help Americans in need.

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