Dallas Cowboys Make a Troubling Announcement About Standing for National Anthem


Having the Dallas Cowboys join the widespread NFL demonstration against the American Flag and National Anthem was a big deal for whatever movement is claiming that protest this week.

And when the entire team, including owner Jerry Jones, came out and protested as one…wow, what a display.

After all, that’s “America’s Team,” so if even THEY are taking a knee, then you know the movement must be legit.

There’s just one problem. The actual AMERICAN PEOPLE are far more representative of this country than even “America’s Team.”

So, when the people stopped buying tickets to NFL games, including those of the Cowboys, that was a true indication of how America feels regarding these issues.

In particular, using disrespect for our national symbols as a manner of protest.

The Cowboys apparently got that message loud and clear, and, to the dismay of those still hoping to use the NFL to smear President Trump, the team has announced that it’ll no longer take part in the effort.

From the Star-Telegram:

The Dallas Cowboys will go back to their previous stance on the national anthem Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams, receiver Dez Bryant said.

The team will stand with their hands over their heart for the anthem. There will be no pre-anthem kneel for unity as they did last Monday against the Arizona Cardinals.

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That show of solidarity was about joining the brethren across the league in responding to the expletive-filled attacks from President Donald Trump against the players who kneeled during the anthem in protest against racism and social injustice.

“We’re going to stand, we’re going to stand and going to put our hand over our heart and we’re going to do what we did before,” Bryant said. “You all know what that was, that was just a response to Trump and that’s all that that was.”

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