D. Trump Jr. Joins Telegram, Says Big Tech Can Ban Him ‘Just Like That’ At Any Time


Don Jr. had a channel on Telegram held in his name by another person for a long time, but until Friday it was basically a bot reposting content from his other accounts, he explained in a video address announcing his migration.

He said he agreed to take control and make it his main channel because other platforms don’t offer a level playing field for the marketplace of ideas.

“I want a place where my ideas and their bad ideas are competing against each other.”

“We gotta get away from the Big Three: the Twitter/Instagram/Facebook,” he said. “For all I know, I’ll wake up tomorrow and be done, literally gone off those platforms… They can pull it like that.”

The Telegram channel has gained some 500,000 new subscribers in the hours since the announcement…. (Read more)

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