D.C. Reporter Says Democrats Are Secretly & Quietly Admitting That Joe Biden Lacks ‘Mental Acuity’ Says ‘The Hill’s’, Concha


Opinion | Joe Concha, a media reporter for The Hill, told Steve Doocy on “Fox & Friends” that Biden is totally incapable of holding a press conference like President Trump does all the time.

Concha said:

“A lot of Democrats will tell you, at least privately, that he does not have the mental acuity that he even had a couple of years ago and this is a candidate that simply would not able to withstand the type of press conferences that the current president has, as far as them going on for an hour, an hour and a half, taking questions with multiple outlets with no ground rules attached.”

“It’s a lot easier … to have, say, a handpicked interview, where you have ground rules for interviews, with certain outlets that may be friendly to your candidate, as opposed to having a press conference, which Mr. Biden has not done for 80 days.”

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