Cub Scout Pack Put a Secretary of Defense Quote on Patch. Mattis Sends Them a Letter, What It Says…


Folks, this is probably the best quote from our Secretary of Defense:

“I keep other people awake at night.”

Well, that quote was picked by David Greenplate for his push car race scouting event.

They design a special patch for the race each year.

Greenplate, a six-year veteran Cubmaster, explained to Independent Journal Review how this year’s design happened to feature a quotation from Secretary of Defense James Mattis:

“I pick a quote to put in the patch each year. Usually racing related or inspirational. But after [Mattis] said that in the interview I was so impressed by it. It is my last year doing this, so I chose his words.

I just think it’s a badass American thing to say, and we have been lacking such bravado for a while now.”

Mattis was so moved by what they did, so he sent them a letter:

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The note reads:

Dear David,
Thanks for the patch. My best to you and your lads.
Sincerely, Jim Mattis

Mattis also sent a photo to the entire Pack with the following inscription:

To the Elkton Cub Scouts,
Stay true, stay strong!
Best wishes, Jim Mattis

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