Crowd Shouts ‘Four More Years’ At DeSantis Presser


Those in attendance at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R) press conference in Madison, Florida, on Monday shouted, “Four more years!” at the end of the presser, as the governor faces reelection in this year’s midterm election.


outing Florida’s successes, including the Sunshine State seeing a record-number of domestic travelers visit in 2021 — DeSantis said Florida saw roughly 120 million “escape from Fauciville to come to free Florida” — the governor announced $11 million for rural communities throughout North Florida through the rural infrastructure fund.

Throughout the press conference, DeSantis spoke about how Florida seeks to be a solution to the problems seen over the last year of Biden’s presidency — including inflation, which he said is a “predicable consequence” of printing so much money. The supply chain crisis, partially caused by “arbitrary and harmful” coronavirus restrictions, has also affected Americans, prom… (Read more)

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