‘Creepy Joe’ Trends After Biden Keeps Whispering At Press Conference [Video]


During a White House press conference on Thursday to deliver remarks on infrastructure after he had met with a group of bipartisan senators, President Joe Biden exhibited bizarre behavior, consistently whispering into the microphone, and triggering “Creepy Joe” to trend.

Asked about the timeline for relief in the bill, Biden said, “You said people are waiting for relief.” Leaning forward toward the microphone, he whispered, “I got them $1.9 trillion in relief so far.” He continued, “They’re going to be getting checks in the mail that are consequential this week for childcare.”

Seven minutes later, he said, “These are really tough decisions senators got. I don’t in any way dismiss what Senator Murphy says about the environment. I don’t dismiss it at all. Just remind him,” then hissed, his eyes as wide as proverbial saucers, “I wrote the bill on the environment.”

Four minutes after that, he stated, “And guess what? Remember, you’re asking me — and I’m not being critical of you all, I really mean this, those are legitimate questions you’re asking me, asking me, ‘Well, you know, guess what? Employers can’t find workers.’” He leaned forward, again wide-eyed, whispering, “I said, ‘Yeah. Pay them more.’ This is an employees’, employees bargaining chip now. What’s happening?”


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