CRAZY What Obama Will Do At the cost of the American people After Inauguration Day!


Obama is the worst president ever!

Thank God is out of the white house in few days,

Breitbart reported that right after Trump’s inauguration, the Obamas will fly (with our money) to Palm Springs, California. Land of a Multitude of Golf Courses…Fore!

TMZ claims that upon the completion of Trump’s oath of office ceremony, the plane designated as Air Force One will wing its way westward with the Obamas aboard.

Of course, despite that it is the plane designated as Air Force One, it won’t be called Air Force One during this flight because Obama will no longer be president.

That same day, the Obamas will also take their last Marine One helicopter ride to Andrews Air Force Base to board the plane.

Of course, Marine One also won’t officially carry the president’s designation for that last trip, but it is the same publicly-owned conveyance regardless.

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