‘Covington Kid’ Nick Sandmann Says He’s Lived Under ‘Constant Threat’ For Over A Year



Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann said that he has lived under a “constant” and “terrible” threat — ever since his image was splashed across television screens and posted on websites and social media platforms worldwide.

In exclusive new interviews with veteran journalist and Fox Nation host Lara Logan, Sandmann opened up about the ongoing fallout from an incident on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on January 18, 2019. The nationally publicized incident has become a case study in journalistic malpractice, critics say.

Logan explored this story and many others in Season 2 of her multi-part Fox Nation series, “No Agenda with Lara Logan,” which focused on bias in the media.

Sandmann was one of a group of Covington students from Park Hills, Ky.,  attending the anti-abortion March for Life in Washington, D. C., when Nathan Phillips, a Native American elder and activist, was attending the Indigenous Peoples’ March on the same day.

Videos documenting Sandmann’s encounter with Phillips went viral — including some clips that did not show the full incident.

“For Nick Sandmann, he’s going to be tarnished with this stigma forever — that he is some arrogant, racist kid,” Logan said on “Fox and Friends” on Monday. “Because that’s how he was depicted when he was at the Lincoln Memorial… everyone knows him as the ‘Covington kid.'”

Incomplete video clips posted online and initial media coverage prompted widespread accusations that Sandmann and his classmates had approached Phillips and threatened and mocked him.

“He was accused of blocking the path of an elderly Native American and really all the history of the injustice that the Native American people have suffered was laid at Nick Sandmann’s door, and he’s just a 16-year-old kid,” said Logan on “Fox and Friends.”

“It was first reported that Nathan Phillips was trying to get past him,” she continued, “No one ever tried to get past him.  I mean there is just one lie after another.”

In “No Agenda,” Logan re-examined all the testimonials and video evidence in this case and showed how many in the media got this story wrong from the start — with devastating consequences for an innocent young man.

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“The media’s role in it has never been fully addressed. Most outlets didn’t retract their stories,” Logan said. “CNN settle… (Read more)

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