Court Filing Puts Biden In Panic Mode As “China Hustle”, A Multi-Billion Alleged Stock Fraud Scheme Comes To Light


According to the DailyMail.com court papers show that Caplan requested Judge Don McSpadden make him a third party in Lunden Roberts’ suit against Biden.  Lunden Roberts, a professional stripper, is Hunter’s baby mama. 

(DailyMail.com) …in a 30-page filing, Caplan lays out how he was allegedly swindled out of 10 years of his life savings in a ‘multi-billion dollar stock scheme known as the China Hustle.

Caplan, who filed papers from Jerusalem, Israel, claims many Chinese nationals made fortunes from the ploy, which involved presenting fake company documents and claiming they were genuine investments when they were actual frauds.

Then they went on to use the ill-gotten gains to influence politics and even ‘bribe’ individuals, such as Biden, Caplan claims. 

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