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Court Docs Allege the Infamous Papa John’s Racism Scandal Was a Set-Up


The Papa John’s Pizza founder was forced to step down from his role as company pitchman and CEO for using a racial slur during a May 2018 conference call.

At that time of the call, Schnatter was already in the left’s crosshairs and smeared as a racist for his outspoken objections to the NFL brass allowing players to kneel for the national anthem.

In an effort to resurrect his image, Schnatter enlisted the help of Laundry Service, a public relations and marketing firm.

Schnatter and other company executives were running through hypothetical situations on a conference call, trying to playbook how to handle openly-racist groups sidling up to the company and were working on ways to distance him from it — or so the then-CEO thought.

That’s when Schnatter used the actual racial slur when pointing out how Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Sanders said the N-word and faced no backlash.

Schnatter’s language was also labeled “offensive” by some on the call when he mentioned — and denounced — the deadly violence racists committed against black people that he witnessed during his upbringing in Indiana.

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