Country Star Brad Paisley HUMILIATES Obama With New Hit Song, But He’s Got Vets CHEERING


There’s nothing quite so satisfying as seeing conservative celebrities humiliate Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or any other crooked and unpatriotic Democrat.

The latest to take a swing at liberals is country music star Brad Paisley in a hit single that’s got military vets cheering.

From Conservative Fighters:

Love and War, the title track from Brad Paisley’s new album, features a beautiful duet with John Fogerty protesting the treatment of veterans when they return home from duty.

In an interview with FOX News, Paisley explained that we need to do more to help our veterans. He says that protest songs of the past were wrong because they turned Americans against the troops and not just the war.

“Now we’re getting it right,” Paisley said, adding that “we understand that whether or not we agree with any sort of conflict, that we honor these troops. But we’re not doing it in the greater scheme of things when it comes to healthcare and the VA and the things that we need to improve.”

The Department of Veteran Affairs was constantly battling scandals during the Obama administration. The department floundered under Obama and failed to help the veterans in need.

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