Coronavirus to ‘return in winter 2021 and kill thousands more after quarantines end’


The killer coronavirus could return in the winter and leave thousands more victims dead, an expert has chillingly warned.

Changing weather conditions could impede the virus’ spread before a cure is available, it has been claimed.

American microbiologist Charles P. Gerba believes the coronavirus could follow the pattern of influenza – where cases often disappear by May.

The flu prefers cool, dry weather and cases tend to diminish during the beginning of summer.

However, the University of Arizona professor has also warned the coronavirus could become more aggressive after summer.

Asked if cases could increase when temperatures fall again, he responded: “Yes, it’s possible. The concern is it migrating to the southern hemisphere and persisting there during the winter.

“It could then come back this winter because that’s what influenza does, it goes from one season to the next.

“That’s one of the concerns but we don’t know for certain.”

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