Coronavirus, This is what you have to do when you go to Walmart or Costco


  • Go to the Walmart only if necessary

You need to stay at home as much as possible and only go out if strictly necessary. The supply of goods will always be guaranteed.

  • Put on your latex gloves

products are touched by thousands of people and, as epidemiologists have explained, the virus also lurks on objects. So it is better to wear latex gloves, or in the absence of specific ones, at least kitchen gloves.

  • Respect the distances

Don’t let the cashiers and the clerks pray for you: this rule must be respected. It is essential to not allow the passage of bacteria. Both in line and inside Walmart.

Buy only what you need. Don’t be selfish! Other people need food and toilet paper as well.

Remember that you can buy your groceries online as well if you have health issues.

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